My Presidential Littles

I hold myself and my children to the highest standards. The expectations I have for them and of them are limitless, but let’s be real. I do not believe that they are going to grow up to be President of the United States of America. In fact, that is nowhere near the line of work that I would ever wish upon them. Politics is a line of business of which you must sell every part of yourself in order to succeed and you can never trust the person standing next to you. It is a game of chess in which others smile at you while looking you straight in the eyes, but are simply waiting to take away your queen.

My Presidential Littles will be scientists, engineers, architects, dabble in art, lovers of music, entrepreneurs. They will not be President. They were however named after Presidents. Some believe that I named my children after Commanders in Chiefs as a sort of ode to my husband and his career. This is not the case, I have actually had a love for history since high school and I have a deep respect for our country. This is how my children’s names came to be and because I believe in being fair my husband selected both of their middle names. Thus my littles would become my Presidential Littles.

I believe that plenty rides on a name given to you at birth. It sets the tone for the person you will become or at the very least, how others will perceive you. I believe in strong names that have meaning but can also stand on their own without a story. My children’s names are both. When I yell out “J” on a playground his name trails in the wind. We have received compliments on his name from young and old alike. Although I have never been a fan of following trends, there are many who share his very name within this generation of littles, still J is fitting of his strong name. He even says it with pride when asked by others what his name is. I love this.

When I found out that I was having a daughter. I was adamant that she be given a strong name. She would not be named after a flower, and insect (Vanessa means Butterfly), or anything delicate. I wanted her name to stand alone so that when she entered the professional world she could do so simply as K or with her last name both respectfully. When strangers ask us her name we are consistently met with smiles following our response. Her name suits her perfectly. She is a soft soul with a timeless name.

J and K are my Presidential Littles. They have plenty to live up to. The standards are high but I believe we started them off right with a solid ground to stand on.

-Mama Nessa


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